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Counselling is a confidential service in which you can safely explore your concerns affecting your life, feelings, thoughts and experiences in a safe environment without being judged.

We all have difficulties at some time in our life. The memory of these experiences and the painful feelings associated with them can be felt for a long time afterwards, without being acknowledged. Unresolved feelings can result in emotional problems and/or health failure. Identifying that there is a need to seek help is the first step to recovery. Counselling can take place when a person who has an emotionally or psychologically related difficulty seeks the assistance of a counsellor to find a way to deal with it.

Counselling is a confidential service. It is professionally necessary to maintain safety and privacy within the therapeutic relationship, therefore confidentiality is essential. Only in the very exceptional circumstances when I might feel you are in danger or seriously harming yourself or someone else, would I want to discuss your situation with another professional. I would always endeavour to discuss this with you first.


BACP Ethical Framework, these are the guidelines that I follow 

What is therapy? 

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